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Satellite Meeting in Tampere, Finland


8 – 10 August 2012


Tampere, Finland

Sponsors:  IFLA’s Continuing Professional Development and
Workplace Learning and Information Literacy Sections


General Themes

  • Strategies for designing and implementing a professional development information literacy program for librarians.
  • To help them become effective information literacy guides for their community
  • To foster their own conceptual understandings and practical applications of information literacy in their work
  • What works best in institutionalizing information literacy in workplace training programs?
  • How do we sell information literacy as a necessary practice to librarians and administrators?
  • What tools and resources are needed to support information literacy development for librarians?
  • What information literacy standards and competencies should be incorporated into a staff development program?
  • The role of library associations and library education programs in preparing librarians for information literacy and education roles.

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